Gamakatsu Graphite Tournament Rain Protectant Jacket & Pants

  • $224.95
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Sport Type: Fishing
Outerwear Type: Fishing Jackets & Pants
Feature: Waterproof, Thermal & Windproof up to 250 mph! 
Gender: Men
Material: Cotton
Outdoor Jacket Type: Parka
Lining Material: Cotton

When you'd take a dark and stormy day over a hot and sunny, arm yourself with the Gamakatsu Rain Suit Jacket & Pants when you head out for a stormy weather fishing. Gamakatsu Rain Suit will keep working professionals out on the water all day, so you'd better believe it will work well for you, too. The jacket is equipped with a Gore-Tex three-layer shell for top-shelf protection from rain, and it maintains an excellent level of breathability, so you won't feel all damp and dewy from sweat by the end of the day. Since those rainy days usually produce more fish, you'll be releasing quite a few fish when wearing this Gamakatsu Fishing Gear Set, so the watertight cuffs will be a feature you'll appreciate. 

  • Rain jacket and pants designed specifically for fishing in foul weather
  • Gamakatsu jacket and pants is reliably waterproof and comfortably breathable
  • Three-layer construction is thin, light, and packable
                                             Measurement In Inches
Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
S 15.7 19.7 26.4 28.7
M 16.1 20.1 26.8 29.1
L 16.5 20.5 27.2 29.5
XL 16.9 20.9 27.6 29.9
XXL 17.3 21.3 28.0 30.3
XXXL 17.7 21.7 28.3 30.7
4XL 18.1 22.0 28.7 31.1
5XL 18.5 22.4 29.1 31.5

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